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Workshops & Seminars

photo 3

Leaving Vancouver Island after workshops.

Thanks everyone!  It was great meeting you all.  A special thank you to Art Knapps in Courtenay, Cultivate Garden and Gifts in Parksville and Buckerfields in Parksville for hosting the workshops and providing the goodies.  Appreciated!  In all, 74 participants learned more about mason bees and I am sure they will continue to spread the word about these hard working bees.   The newbee participants learned that bee homes are best set out on a East facing wall of a building- for extra warmth, under and overhang, in the sun and out of the rain and wind.  They also learned that mason bees can be bought or the wait and see option.  The more experienced mason bee keepers learned that attending to mason bees and keeping them healthy is a good thing for good pollination the following year. A washing demo of the cocoons was included to show how mites are easily scoured off cocoons under running water and in a metal sieve.   Thank you for participating and wishing you a bountiful crop next year.  Dr Margriet

photo a1

This is the before picture


Dr Margriet will be leading 3 workshops on Vancouver island this weekend.

Bring your mason bee house and we can check to see how many cocoons the bees produced this spring.

Learn to harvest your bees, or just starting out.  Bring your questions!

And phone to reserve your spot….it is not too late…..

Courtenay -Art Knapps  28th Nov Sat 1030am   250 334 3024

Parksville  -Cultivate Garden and Gifts  28th Nov Sat 2.30pm  250 248 0093

Parksville -Buckerfields  Sunday 28th Nov  11am  250 248 3243

The workshops were great.  35, 17 and 22 people attended the workshops respectively.   Lots of fun was had by all. We all learned a lot how to get started with mason bees for one and also quite a bit about keeping mason bees healthy. Keep your eyes peeled for more workshops.  Dr Margriet

Joe and I participated in a workshop this past Sunday March 15 at the Shadbolt Center.  We showed people how to start with mason bees, the house types one can use and the benefits to these wonderful pollinators.  it was a lot of fun meeting all the people who were keen to begin their journey with mason bees.  Dr. Margriet

burnaby_mason_bee_workshop_1_20150315 burnaby_mason_bee_workshop_2_20150315 burnaby_mason_bee_workshop_3_20150315Photos by: Paul Cipywnyk

Before the crowds

Amazing,  amazing,  amazing!

304 apple varieties grown on one island!

The apple pies were yummy, people were wonderful and the weather was sunny.  All in all a great day.  Come next year, you won’t be sorry!

Here is Margriet  showing crowd of 40 people at Amsterdam Nursery how to clean their harvested cocoons.  This young lass is particularly interested in the process. 

  On lookers are keen to see the process too.


There is always lots of interest in mason bee workshops.  People are keen to learn about this beneficial critter. 

Workshops and seminars are such a fun way to learn.

 Here I am doing a show-and tell of how to set up mason bee houses and how to protect mason bee homes from those tiny pesky parasitic wasps.

At Amsterdam Nursery, Pitt Meadows, BC,  their heated greenhouse makes a fine ‘room’ for workshops.

It is always fun to share information with gardeners who have just started  or have managed mason bees for several years.

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