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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Stores that carry Beediverse products and that are located in the USA are now in the data base.  As stores order products for the fall ( nests and tools and how to info) the locator will be updated.  When stores carry products both in the fall and spring, a note is added to the address of the store  “Year- round”

Earlier this year we added the Store-Locator to our web.  Initially the Store-locator went for a bumpy ride, but these issues have now been resolved and it is fully operational.   It is a powerful addition to this web site. 

The Store-locator makes it easy for people to find the closest store to their home location.  Look on the left hand side of the home page of this web site.  Type in your location and a map will appear with store locations near you.

We have now added all Canadian stores that carry Beediverse Products to the Store-Locator.   In the next few days we will complete adding stores that are located in the United States.

We have included the web site of each store.  With one click you are on their web site for additional shopping details.


I am still working through the postings and categorizing them so people can more easily find popular threads through the blog.  I will be working on it through this week.   It is interesting the categories that are appearing.  Like chapters in a book!

I have just placed about  1/3 of all posts into one or more categories.  This is a great way to place blogs of a certain topic under one heading.  If you see a category that should be included into the blog- Let me know!

I will continue working on this part of the update.  In the meantime we are going to move over our blog subscribers to this blog.  Subscribers receive notification of newly posted blogs.  This is a handy reminder that there is a new post.

I have just figured out how to add new categories into the blog.  I think this will make it a lot simpler to find articles of interest because blogs are grouped under a one or more categories.  One blog may be under several categories.

For example, my trip to Holland last year has a blog on bee attractive flowers.  This particular blog would be under two categories: Travel, and Bee attractive plants.

If you have an idea for this blog or an idea  for a new category, please let me know.-Margriet



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