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Monthly Archives: January 2013

If you are interested in growing fruit,  this is the society for you.  Four times a year, they put out a magazine called Pome News.  It is full of great stories, How to, recipes and much more.  I just received my winter 2013 issue.  Homemade apple sauce is one I need to try out.  Spices added are ginger, anise, cloves and cardamon.  Mmm sounds delicious.  Other interesting writeups include a description of a trip to some old orchards and identifying the apple varieties.  Fascinating.  Another interesting How-to article on grafting onto old trees.

Membership is $20.    Their address is Home Orchard Society, PO Box 230192, Tigard, OR 97281-0192

Email address to membership chair is

Early cherry blossoms in March.

Cherry blossom in March


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