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It could be a day trip or even a weekend away.

I thought a few more details about the Apple Festival  would be in order.  It is such a fun day.  And what an experience. 
When you come to Saltspring Island, come either the day before or the early ferry from Victoria.  The first stop is Fulford Hall.  It is a grand old hall.  Perfect for such an occasion.  Hundreds of apple varieties will be on display.  If you have an apple variety and you wish to know what it is- check out all the varieties on display.  It is a bit dizzying, but stay focused.  Then there is a section where you can buy a piece of apple pie.  There is nothing new about apple pies, but these are very special.  Nowhere else can you buy a piece of apple pie made with a known apple variety!  Of course you will have to try 2 or 3 pieces!  Then there are various booths with things to eat or things for your home.  We will be at our Beediverse table and I will have a number of mason bee houses and other items such as Scoops available for sale.  Come to our table and say Hello.  Bring your questions.

After you have done the circuit of the Hall it is time to experience Saltspring Island.  You are given a map and locations where you can sample Saltspring Island apples and other goodies.  See you there.

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