Headlines: Poor weather in UK results in poor apple crop

This headlines is somewhat misleading to me.

Poor weather can easily be blamed for a failed apple crop, but ultimately it is the lack of pollinators that result in a failed crop.  It can be argued that it is really the weather that is the cause of a failed crop because even with many pollinators present, rain will deter these bees from coming out of their nests and pollinating.   Yes this is correct, but in times of poor weather there are always a few short periods of sunny weather- and yes these may be very short!  But even if these sunny breaks are very short, IF you have bees close by, it is amazing what bees can do in 10 mins- or 20 or 40 mins.    This is why there is all the more reason to have pollinators close by fruit trees that you want to get pollinated.-Margriet


Thank you to Harry Burton for emailing this link

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