Bee Cocoons

You can invite bees into your garden naturally, but to be certain, we recommend purchasing 20-30 bee cocoons with your order. Mason bees will emerge in the Spring and Leafcutter bees will emerge in the Summer! Your cocoons may produce offspring and provide cocoons ready to harvest in the fall! It is a great investment for your garden and the environment.

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933_petri-dishes Mason bee cocoons are small, oval shaped and brown. They get their names because the female uses mud to in her nesting tunnel. Set the cocoons adjacent to the bee home on an east-facing wall, under an overhang to protect from rain and also to ensure they catch the warm sun and emerge as soon as possible!


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Leafcutter bees get their name from their cocoons! The shell of the cocoon is a beautiful green leaf color, made by cut up leaves! These are a great addition into your pollination and is the perfect way to extend your season!