MASON BEE seminars

Mason bee events run from fall into April.

Mason bee workshops  usually run in the fall with introductory seminars from  Jan-April.

Ask your local garden store to have a mason bee seminar/workshop.  Check back to this page and see which workshop you might like to attend.  And let us know about local seminars so we can let others know.


  • May 6th 2015  Seminar by Kate Murphy- local mason bee expert.  the Wild Bird Store, CALGARY, Alberta.  Please phone to register at 403 640 2632- limited seating.   Also Mead sampling with complements of Chinook Meadery.  Seminar-The Curious Mason Bees – Kate Murphy .  An introduction to the life cycle of mason bees, how to raise and overwinter them and the benefits that they bring to your backyard or orchard. Kate Murphy, a Master Gardener, began gardening in Scotland with her mother and upon emigration continued this interest throughout western Canada and Texas. In the last few years her interest in pollination and the rearing of native mason bees has grown to the point where there are about 250 mason bees inhabiting her beer fridge each winter.

Ask your local garden store to have a mason bee workshop.

  • Garden Stores
  • Wild Bird Stores
  • Back Yard Wild Bird Stores