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Video and Photos

Please check back often as we are continuously uploading new videos.

Picture Gallery

The authors of the photos presented here retain the copyright to their images.

richard_pa1 richard_pa2 richard_pa3

Mason Bee Photos © 2007 by Richard W. from PA – with permission.

Margriet, here are the pictures of my Mason Bee Shelters. We took these from our cellphone, I might order the cocoon scraper if it is still available. Thank you very much!

Hello, Richard. Hanging the Mason Bee Houses on a brick wall sure made these Mason Bees productive. Every hole is filled! Congratulations! Yes, the bee scoop/scrapper is still available!


bb-michigan bb-pollen bb-texas bb-texas2
bee-salviaflower bee-species2 green green2
hb-leafcutter wasp wasp2 leafcutter2

Photo Courtesy Rachel Dugas © 2003


emerge1 emerge2 blackbee1 blackbee2
Leafcutter Bees Likely a Parasitic Wasp

Photo Courtesy Rachel Dugas © 2003

The bees are nesting in my handmade log box drilled with holes from 5/16ths all the way down to tiny ones. One is nesting in the teeny tiny holes and seals them with a clear like film. The bee is black with some yellow behind its head. The other is a little larger but not as large as a leafcutter and I don’t think is blue/black enough for a mason. It is nesting in a slightly smaller hole than 5/16th. It does however block its holes with a strange mix of rough wood and other weird “stuff”, not the smooth sawdusty wood of other summer solitary bees, of which I also have.

You are so lucky! You have 4 species of solitary bees in your garden, congratulations! Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

 Watch a video of bee cocoons hatching

Video courtesy of Kevin and Patty Kinghorn. The authors of this video presented here retain the copyright to their video.