Homes for Mason Bees

bee-snowBeediverse Mason Bee Homes are attractive and are ready to give mason bees a safe, secure, and protected home to produce their offspring.

Mason Bee Homes are designed so that they are ready to set out in a garden. Homes consist of Nesting Material and the protective Home that shelters the nesting material from the weather. Each home has a small space or attic above the nesting material for a box of mason bee cocoons. This is a safe way of setting cocoons out in the confines of the mason bee homes and in the garden before Spring.

Next most economical: The Lodge and the Chalet consist of a sturdy wooden home, with nesting materials (Quicklock trays,wooden trays, or corrugated wrap) inside the home. We named it a Lodge if the predator guard is absent. With a predator guard we call it a Chalet (green predator guard).

The Royal Home adds class and beauty to a garden! It features a beautiful design to complement a backyard.  It makes a great gift. It contains the same number of nesting units as the Chalet and Lodge. Similarly, the nesting material is either Quicklock trays, wooden trays or corrugated wrap.

The Highrise is our largest home and is an instant success for gardeners who have mason bees and wish to try our quick and easy Quicklock system. Beautifully handcrafted, this tall, durable wooden housing is well suited for a backyard garden. Nesting material is either Quicklock trays, wooden trays or corrugated wrap.

Beediverse offers top-quality, durable and long-lasting products carefully designed to suit the needs of gardeners.