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Nesting Materials

Nesting Materials consist of a variety of products.

All nesting materials at Beediverse were designed or chosen so that mason bee cocoons are accessible in the fall and can be harvested. This is very important for keeping healthy bees, the propagation of bees from one year to the next and pest control. Mason bees will use any type of nesting cavity or tunnel, but often these are impossible to monitor or harvest.

Nesting Material is available in two sizes. The larger nesting tunnels are suited for the larger Spring mason bees. The smaller nesting tunnels are suited for Summer mason bees.

Nesting material for Spring Mason Bees.

Corn Quicklock trays were designed to fit the needs of nesting mason bees. These are durable, eco-friendly (75 percent corn product) and quick to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

Cardboard tubes have been used for many years. These are made out of Kraft paper and are less expensive than the trays, but are used once and have to be replaced. Natural reeds are also available, are easy to open and are replaced each year.


Nesting material for Summer Mason Bees

Wooden routered stacked nesting trays were created for the smaller Summer mason Bees. The routered pieces of wood are stacked and held together with tape. It is very easy to open the tunnels and harvest cocoons. After cleaning and drying, nesting trays can be re-assembled ready for the following spring.

Corrugated cardboard is rolled into a bundle and is very economical since there are 99+ nesting holes, plus it is easy to unfurl and harvest cocoons. Once it is used by bees it is replaced.


Corn Quicklock trays and Wood Trays are durable, eco-friendly and quick to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Cardboard products are great for those who want to explore the idea of keeping mason bees.