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170.24 Quick and EZY Mason Bee home

Beediverse » ALL PRODUCTS » TOOLS & Accessories » 170.24 Quick and EZY Mason Bee home

A great way to start with mason bees!


Quick & EZY Mason Bee home includes:

  • A suitable waterproof dwelling
  • Quicklock nesting trays with
  • 24 nesting tunnels
  • Bee emerging space adjacent to trays
Directions: Place in a sunny, warm spot, safe from wind and rain. Facing this home eastwards under an overhang on your house or shed will provide good exposure to the morning sun. If placed at eye level you can watch your Mason Bees at work!
q-and-Ezy-front-view q-and-E-closeup-of-bee-box-inside-q-E-13


Price: $24.65

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