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611.30 Summer Leafcutter Bees in a Box

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This Box contains summer leafcutter bees that are active at temperatures above 20C/70F.  This box provides a protected nest environment, nesting tunnels, leafcutter bees and a harvesting tool.  Everything you need to welcome Leafcutter Bees into your garden that will pollinate summer flowering plants.

  • Open cardboard box at one end and place between wall and sticks glued to floor of wooden box.
  • Close lid of wooden box.
  • In late fall remove wooden dowel with red tag.
  • Push wood dowel through nesting holes to remove new leafcutter bee cocoons.
  • Empty all nesting holes in readiness for spring.
  • Store harvested leafcutter bee cocoons in wooden box.

Leafcutter bees pollinate flowers during the summer months when temperatures are above 20°C/70°F. These bees use tiny pieces of leaf and flowers to line their nesting tunnels.

Includes: home, nesting tunnels, emerging space and leafcutter bees.
bees-in-a-box-open1 bees-in-a-box-open


Price: $29.89

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