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933 Petri Dishes (three)

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Safely Store mason bee cocoons through the winter months

The perfect solution to safely storing cocoons inside the fridge or outdoors location.

  • 3 Petri dishes, 6” diameter

After removing mason bee cocoons from nesting tunnels, and cleaning and drying them, store cocoons in these handy containers.

  • can also be used to hold 'duds'- cocoons suspected NOT to contain a bee, but parasitic wasps or other organisms.
  • are easily stacked and take a minimal amount of room.
  • are specifically designed to safely hold life organisms.
  • allow air and moisture to flow into the dishes without allowing debris, dust and foreign organisms to enter the dish.
  • Each petridish will hold about 200 cocoons, one layer thick.

Dimensions: 6 inches in diameter and half inch high. Petri dishes are made out of clear Plastic for easy viewing and cleaning.


Price: $15.95

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