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936.01 Thermometer for fridge

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Ensure fridge is at the right temperature for storing mason bee cocoons with this fridge thermometer

Easy-Check Thermometers (two).

This easy-to-read thermometer can be used anywhere your cocoons are stored. If they are stored in a fridge, place one thermometer on the upper shelf and one on the lower shelf.

  • 2 Fridge thermometers

This thermometer makes it easy to check on the temperature in a fridge or in outside locations.

  • When overwintering cocoons inside a fridge, hang one from the upper shelf and the other on a lower shelf for easy viewing. Because temperatures can be different in the upper and lower section of the fridge, it is handy to have two thermometers to make sure temperatures are within the correct temperature range. During winter months keep temperature above freezing - between 35-42F or 2-6C. After January keep temperature below 36F or 4C and above freezing (34F or 4C)
  • Set thermometers where you have mason bee homes located.
  • When using a yurt structure, it is great to see temperature differences between the inside and outside of the yurt.

Before use, check new thermometer temperature readings against the temperature readings of a known thermometer.
Dimensions: 3 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches or 9 x 8 x 4 cm.


Price: $16.85

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