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Cover and protect!  Special discount.  (Bee homes not included)

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Place nesting trays with or without housing into net bags.

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Then pull strings to tighten and close bag.

Protect your developing mason bees from those marauding parasitic wasps during the summer months.    Our labels shows you how easy it is to protect your developing bees.  Note- before moving bee homes make sure all flight has stopped and that the bees have finished their nesting activity.

This finely woven mesh bag protect Mason Bee cocoons from parasitic wasps and other insects while cocoons are in storage from summer to winter. DIRECTIONSIncludes: **After all mason bees have died and are no longer seen flying in and out of the nest, protect your developing bees by inserting the entire home or nests into mesh bags.

  • 1 No-Wasp Net Bags (60 cm X 60 cm , 24″ x 24″ ) Material: Nylon Mesh

No-Wasp Net Bags are generously sized with an extra-wide, draw-string opening. The bags have room for stacked nesting trays and Mason Bee Houses with the cocoons inside. Place trays and houses in the bag, draw it closed, and the cocoons are safe from pests. Staying pest-free means viable cocoons come spring.

No-Wasp Bags are an important part of keeping a healthy Mason Bee population from year to year. Bags are washable and fold flat for storage.

Design Principles Protection from pests is two-fold.
(1) Parasitic wasps and other pests will be attracted to the nest but will not be able to enter the bag and nest to parasitize developing bee larvae.
(2) Parasitic wasps that are previously in the nest will develop and come out to find additional bee cocoons, but first wasps have to leave their nesting chamber and mate. While they are trapped inside the netting, mist-spray them with a mild soapy solution. This will kill these wasps that are flying around inside the net bag.


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