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Mason Bees

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Beediverse mason bees are packaged in small cardboard packages. 20 cocoons fit into two cardboard boxes (10 cocoons/box + a few extra). One order consists of 20 cocoons. One order is usually sufficient to start your mason bee colony. If you would like to see them flying around or need better pollination, order 2 or more orders of 20 cocoons. These small boxes fit neatly into all our Beediverse mason bee homes.

611.30 Summer Leafcutter Bees in a Box

This Box contains summer leafcutter bees that are active at temperatures above 20C/70F.  This box provides a protected nest environment, nesting tunnels, leafcutter bees and a harvesting tool.  Everything you need to welcome Leafcutter Bees into your garden that will pollinate summer flowering plants.

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  • Open cardboard box at one end and place between wall and sticks glued to floor of wooden box.
  • Close lid of wooden box.
  • In late fall remove wooden dowel with red tag.
  • Push wood dowel through nesting holes to remove new leafcutter bee cocoons.
  • Empty all nesting holes in readiness for spring.
  • Store harvested leafcutter bee cocoons in wooden box.

Leafcutter bees pollinate flowers during the summer months when temperatures are above 20°C/70°F. These bees use tiny pieces of leaf and flowers to line their nesting tunnels.

Includes: home, nesting tunnels, emerging space and leafcutter bees.
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Price: $29.89

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723.20 Spring Mason Bee cocoons – plus a free humidity cooler!

With each order you receive 20 cocoons + a few extra plus a humidity cooler .  Mason bee cocoons  are packaged in two small cardboard boxes for setting out at the same time and or at different locations.

You can set them outside or keep them safe  in our nifty humidity cooler.



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Includes 20 cocoons (two packages of 10).

The Spring Mason Bee Osmia lignaria, is a friendly early spring pollinator. It emerges when tree fruit blossoms and blueberry blossoms are open early and mid spring.


Price: $36.50

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