931-R SCOOP-Handcrafted by Randy

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Handcrafted in Olympia, WA

This scoop is the perfect complement to Beediverse Eco Quick lock tray system or wooden trays systems. It is beautifully handcrafted, the wooden handle has a good grip and it quickly, gently and efficiently removes your cocoons from the nesting grooves.

Carefully cured, hand selected wooden handles. Triple coated finish for beauty and long wear. Be ready for fall harvest with this nifty tool. Each handle is unique and is made from locally grown trees.
  • Carefully cured, hand selected handle stock.
  • Triple coated finish for beauty and long wear.
  • Spring steel shaft is extremely tough and wear resistant.
  • Each tool is hand ground into the shape of a beescoop.
big-leaf-maple birch flowering-plum
Big-Leaf Maple
On quick growing branches and suckers, it is pretty easy to get nice round, smooth stock. Although the bark starts green, it dries to a nice brown. The ones with the huge leaf scars add interest.
The golden brown, nicely patterned bark makes really attractive handles. Some stems have many branches. These are from ice storm debris, ongoing supply uncertain.
Flowering Plum
This is my favorite choice for hard- working handles. This deep colored furrowed bark wraps the densest wood used.
hazel red-alder unknown
Hazel bark is a warm brown color and is distinctive.
Red Alder
The lichens that form on alders at a very young age provide a unique "camouflage" pattern to every piece. When adjacent lichen colonies mark their boundaries with fine, black lines, it adds to the precision of the 'painting'. I have left small bits of the more leaf-like lichens on a few for interest.
This light porous wood with the great texture also comes from ice storm debris. No idea what it is , or if I will ever find more.


Price: $24.50

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