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723SP.20 SPECIAL-Mason Bee cocoons- Order now for fall delivery

ORDER NOW and receive your mason bees in November,2016
in readiness for next spring. 
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Mason bee cocoons are ready to ship to you. They have been harvested, cleaned, candled and packaged. With one order of mason bee cocoons you receive 20 cocoons + a few extra. Mason bee cocoons are packaged in two small cardboard boxes for setting out at the different times and or at different locations. You can safely store cocoons in a cooler (item number 850.01). Email us for quotes on larger numbers of mason bee cocoons.

The Spring Mason Bee Osmia lignaria, is a friendly early spring pollinator. It emerges when tree fruit blossoms and blueberry blossoms are open early and mid spring. Email us info@beediverse.com


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Price: $29.99

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736.25SP SPECIAL Summer Leafcutter bee cocoons (25)- FREE BLOK

SummerLeafcutter bees are great pollinators when temperatures are above 20C/70F

For every order of leafcutter bees, you receive one FREE Bee nesting BLOK

Stock available in Canada only- until quantities last.

 USA customers- We are sold out until next season 
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Leafcutter bee cocoons come in packets of 50+ cocoons.

Leafcutter bees pollinate summer flowers including various vegetable crops such as tomatoes, squash and herbs.

Leafcutter bees use tiny pieces of leaves and flower petals to surround their offspring and provide protection against predatory insects. They are solitary bees that use nesting tunnels for producing next year’s offspring.


Price: $27.95

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941.01SP Net bag-wasp proof storage bags-on special!

Cover and protect!  Special discount.  (Bee homes not included)

photo 1

Place nesting trays with or without housing into net bags.

photo 2

Then pull strings to tighten and close bag.

Protect your developing mason bees from those marauding parasitic wasps during the summer months.    Our labels shows you how easy it is to protect your developing bees.  Note- before moving bee homes make sure all flight has stopped and that the bees have finished their nesting activity.

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This finely woven mesh bag protect Mason Bee cocoons from parasitic wasps and other insects while cocoons are in storage from summer to winter. DIRECTIONSIncludes: **After all mason bees have died and are no longer seen flying in and out of the nest, protect your developing bees by inserting the entire home or nests into mesh bags.

  • 1 No-Wasp Net Bags (60 cm X 60 cm , 24″ x 24″ ) Material: Nylon Mesh

No-Wasp Net Bags are generously sized with an extra-wide, draw-string opening. The bags have room for stacked nesting trays and Mason Bee Houses with the cocoons inside. Place trays and houses in the bag, draw it closed, and the cocoons are safe from pests. Staying pest-free means viable cocoons come spring.

No-Wasp Bags are an important part of keeping a healthy Mason Bee population from year to year. Bags are washable and fold flat for storage.

Design Principles Protection from pests is two-fold.
(1) Parasitic wasps and other pests will be attracted to the nest but will not be able to enter the bag and nest to parasitize developing bee larvae.
(2) Parasitic wasps that are previously in the nest will develop and come out to find additional bee cocoons, but first wasps have to leave their nesting chamber and mate. While they are trapped inside the netting, mist-spray them with a mild soapy solution. This will kill these wasps that are flying around inside the net bag.


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Price: $13.50

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605.72SP SPECIAL-Quicklock Trays72

SPECIAL: With each stack of 72, you receive FREE- 4 pieces of nesting trays (12 nesting tunnels).  While quantities last.

Mason bees love these nests.  Tall with lots of nesting tunnels.  For the serious mason bee keeper.   Click More Details to see video

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Largest stack of nesting trays for moderate to large gardens and mason bee enthusiasts

Easily stackable modular design.
These rugged nesting trays are made of environmentally friendly corn material, and stack to create 72 tunnels. An excellent value, they can be cleaned and reused season after season.

  • 24 interlocking pieces, 72 nesting tunnels

Note the varied shades and colors of the trays. 2012 colors are charcoal blace, and shades of brown. Coloured trays help the bees readily find their nests.

Nesting trays have matching grooves. When paired and stacked, the trays form nesting tunnels 7.5 mm or five-sixteenth of an inch in diameter – the optimum size bees prefer. The stacking design makes cleaning and harvesting a snap. In the fall, simply pop the trays apart and gently slide the cocoons out of the exposed grooves with our Bee Scoop

The Quicklock Corn Nesting trays are built to fit into the BeeDiverse Highrise home.

Dimensions: 9×18.6×15.2 cm. or 3.5 x 7.25 x 6 inches
Accomodates up to 72 nesting females and 430 eggs.

2012 colors:charcoal black and shades of brown.


Price: $65.66

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051SP SPECIAL- Lifecycle Poster

In FULL colour.  Life of mason bees through the seasons, plus management steps. Poster 8″ x 11″.

Special price for one and Quantity discount for 5 or more posters.

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A quick glance informs you – What to do and When to do it! This sturdy poster is an instant guide


  • A 3-1 chart- Lifecycle and Management cycle through the seasons.

Hang this sturdy, one-page poster on your shed or workshop for instant reference all year around.

Thoughtfully illustrated, the poster aligns the mason bee life cycle with the maintenance cycle, and makes an excellent educational tool for kids.

Seasons Lifecycle Management


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Price: $7.00

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