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933.01sp Dish SPECIAL

Dish for storing Mason Bee Cocoons

Special until September 30, 2016 while quantities last.

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This dish is the perfect storage container for mason bee cocoons and other insects. Used for short term or long term storage inside a fridge, tiny bars in the lid allows air and moisture to go in and our of the dish to keep bees healthy. Easily stackable. Great dish for candling cocoons.


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Price: $9.95

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931.03 Scoop harvest tool

Scoops have arrived.  Beautifully Handcrafted.  Made to last.  NA.



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The gently curved tip of the scoop, softly lifts cocoons out of nesting trays minimizing cocoon damage. Handcrafted by Randy. Order one for your fall harvest of mason bee cocoons. A unique gift. Directions: *Place opened nesting trays on a flat surface *Place end of scoop at base of cocoons *With scoop at a steep angle, gently push and ease cocoons out of nesting grooves. *Place in cold tap water for 1 hour *Rinse in cold water using a metal sieve to remove mud and mites. *Dry on a paper towel for 1 hour *Store in fridge at 4C in a Humidity Cooler until spring


Price: $24.95

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165.12sp Mason Bee Pollination Kit-SPECIAL

FREE cooler for safe storage when ordering mason bees plus this Kit. Special until December 31st 2016

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A great starter kit. A video of how to assemble kit will be available in early September Your order will be shipped in early October when we receive this shipment Manufactured in North America


Price: $29.50

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951.02sp Forceps -Feather touch SPECIAL

“Feather touch”

This is the handiest tool for handling mason bee cocoons or live insects!

Until September 30, 2016 while quantities last


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Cocoons are fragile and these forceps have a “feather touch”. It is easy to pick up cocoons amongst debris for easier cleaning. In the spring if the early bees emerge, it is a simple task to gently pick them up and place them back where they belong. Forceps can be repeatedly bent back into the width you need to gently pick up insects. Includes 2 forceps


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Price: $9.99

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962.01sp Sieve for cleaning cocoons SPECIAL

**For cleaning mason bee cocoons.**

Until September 30,2016


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This sieve is an excellent and easy method for removing mites and debris from mason bee cocoons. Swirl cocoons through cold running water in a bowl and under running water. Pollen feeding mites are abraded off cocoons by the metal screen of the sieve. Cocoons are waterproof and are not damaged by this washing method. Dry cocoons on a paper towel for about 30 mins and store over the winter.


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Price: $9.95

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381.30SP Royal Home- in beautiful cedar

Order now for fall delivery.

SPECIAL:    one free net bag with one or more Royals!

Click More Details to see video
As an option add bees to your order.


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381.30 Royal House Cedar finishThe Royal House in Cedar

  • Made from richly grained West coast cedar
  • natural graying decay resistant
  • most suitable for coastal weather

Suitable for small gardens and new beekeepers
The Royal provides everything you need to house Mason Bees in your garden: house, nesting trays, predator guard, and emerging room.
  • Trays with 30 tunnels, suitable for up to 30 females and 180 eggs, Predator guard, Emerging room
This Mason Bee House comes with a predator guard that will protect your bees from woodpeckers and parasitic wasps.

Made of solid wood with a peaked roof, the Royal has a beautifully arched front overhang. The overhang protects bees from wind, rain and hot sun. The peaked roof provides space for an emerging room to store cocoons. When the mature bees emerge, they take up residence in the nests below.

The Royal includes our Quicklock Corn Nesting Trays 30. In fall, just slide out the trays for cleaning. Then replace the cleaned trays and you are ready for spring.

Nesting trays are made from environmentally friendly corn material with colours that help bees find their nests. Each tray has 6 grooves. When paired, the trays from tunnels where Mason Bees nest and lay their eggs. In the fall, pop the trays apart, and gently slide out the cocoons with our Bee Scoop.

Like all Beediverse Products, the Lodge is durable, attractive, easy-to clean, and made from sustainable resources to last many summers.

Outside dimensions: 23 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm or 9 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches
Materials: solid wood, corn material, plastic

Choose a predator guard with the color of your choice from the list below.

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $56.00

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723SP.20sp SPECIAL-Mason Bee cocoons- Order now for fall delivery

ORDER NOW and receive your mason bees in November, 2016 in readiness for next spring.
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Mason bee cocoons are ready to ship to you. They have been harvested, cleaned, candled and packaged. With one order of mason bee cocoons you receive 20 cocoons + a few extra. Mason bee cocoons are packaged in two small cardboard boxes for setting out at the different times and or at different locations. You can safely store cocoons in a cooler (item number 850.01). Email us for quotes on larger numbers of mason bee cocoons.

The Spring Mason Bee Osmia lignaria, is a friendly early spring pollinator. It emerges when tree fruit blossoms and blueberry blossoms are open early and mid spring. Email us info@beediverse.com


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Price: $29.99

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340.72SP Highrise Home-SPECIAL-gently used

Gently used Highrises  have been used as demo’s in parks and public spaces.  These gently used Highrises are now available for 15% off the price.  We are sold out of our regular Highrises. Made from solid wood and made to last.  With an attic for safe cocoon storage.

Predator guards come in yellow, red and green.  Please let us know your preference.





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This video is about setting up a Highrise in a small orchard.

.The Highrise is our LARGEST HOUSE- suitable for large gardens, small orchards and mason bee keeping enthusiasts.

Like all Beediverse products, the Highrise is durable, attractive, easy-to-clean and made from sustainable resources to lasts many summers. Lift the hinged roof to reveal a special emerging room for cocoons. When mature bees emerge in spring they take up residence in nesting tunnels below.

A slightly pitched roof sheds water and the overhang protects the bees from wind, rain and hot sun. The hinged roof protects cocoons while emerging in the attic.

The Highrise includes our Quicklock Corn Nesting Trays 72. Just slide out the trays in the fall for cleaning, and replace the cleaned trays ready for spring.

Nesting trays are made from environmentally friendly corn material in colours or shades of certain colours that help bees find their nests. Each tray has 6 grooves. When paired, the trays form tunnels where Mason Bees nest and lay their eggs. In the fall, pop the trays apart, and gently slide out the cocoons with our Bee Scoop.


You can add our large fanciful Predator Guard to protect bees from woodpeckers and wasps.

Choose from the color options below:

Outside dimensions: 30 x 20 x 13 cm or 8x 11.75x 5 inches
Materials: solid wood, corn material, plastic Includes:

  • 24 interlocking pieces, with 72 tunnels, suitable for up to 72 females and 430 eggs, Emerging room. Optional: coloured predator guard.

Price: $68.50

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941.01SP Net bag-wasp proof storage bags-on special!

Cover and protect!  Special discount.  (Bee homes not included)

photo 1

Place nesting trays with or without housing into net bags.

photo 2

Then pull strings to tighten and close bag.

Protect your developing mason bees from those marauding parasitic wasps during the summer months.    Our labels shows you how easy it is to protect your developing bees.  Note- before moving bee homes make sure all flight has stopped and that the bees have finished their nesting activity.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

This finely woven mesh bag protect Mason Bee cocoons from parasitic wasps and other insects while cocoons are in storage from summer to winter. DIRECTIONSIncludes: **After all mason bees have died and are no longer seen flying in and out of the nest, protect your developing bees by inserting the entire home or nests into mesh bags.

  • 1 No-Wasp Net Bags (60 cm X 60 cm , 24″ x 24″ ) Material: Nylon Mesh

No-Wasp Net Bags are generously sized with an extra-wide, draw-string opening. The bags have room for stacked nesting trays and Mason Bee Houses with the cocoons inside. Place trays and houses in the bag, draw it closed, and the cocoons are safe from pests. Staying pest-free means viable cocoons come spring.

No-Wasp Bags are an important part of keeping a healthy Mason Bee population from year to year. Bags are washable and fold flat for storage.

Design Principles Protection from pests is two-fold.
(1) Parasitic wasps and other pests will be attracted to the nest but will not be able to enter the bag and nest to parasitize developing bee larvae.
(2) Parasitic wasps that are previously in the nest will develop and come out to find additional bee cocoons, but first wasps have to leave their nesting chamber and mate. While they are trapped inside the netting, mist-spray them with a mild soapy solution. This will kill these wasps that are flying around inside the net bag.


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Price: $13.50

You save: $3.08

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041sp Pollination with Mason Bees-SPECIAL -50% off

A BEST SELLER!   20,000 books sold.

We are celebrating our Second printing.  50% off until  30September 2016.

“A book that is perfect for the aspiring ‘Bee-ologist’.
It is very clear and easy to understand.”



Additional DescriptionMore Details

Completely revised and updated with over 50 illustrations and 56 new pages!
Clear step-by-step instructions. A solid reference for experienced gardeners and beekeepers. A perfect companion for all BeeDiverse products.

It brings a powerful combination of scientific research and practical experience to the challenges of pollination. This illustrated book is intended for anyone who wants to increase yields and blooms naturally – because a well-pollinated garden is a lush garden.

Features from Pollination with Mason Bees:

  • All about Mason Bees, their life cycle, behaviour & habitat preferences
  • What to consider whether you’re buying or building Mason Beehouses
  • How to make your own Mason Bee House with simple, inexpensivematerials
  • How to place Mason Bee Houses in your garden for optimal light and warmth
  • Best practices to maintain and increase your Mason Bee population
  • Overwintering bees so your population persists from year to year
  • Protecting your bees from predators, parasites and pests
  • Valuable insights and practical tips from Mason Bee keepers

 Author Dr. Margriet Dogterom has more than 20 years experience in apiculture – in both hands-on field work and scholarly research. She created the QuickLock System for Mason Bee houses – specifically designed according to the foraging and nesting behaviours of these bees. Margriet consults for commercial growers.

A great gift for gardeners, beekeepers, and aspiring bee enthusiasts.

New! to this 2nd edition:

*Novel ideas and projects

*Chapter on pests, parasites and predators

*Mason Bee Management Chart

Soft cover, 5×7, 136 pages ISBN: 978-0-9689357-3-6


Old Price: $16.95

Price: $8.50

You save: $8.45

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