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135.30sp VILLA- Special

A stately way to begin with mason bees!

A great gift for the coming Holiday Season.

This weeks special includes a free Poster with every Villa.

Poster shows the bee’s lifecycle through the seasons.

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Economical Gift! Ready to hang in your garden!
Suitable for Small Gardens and new Mason Bee keepers.

Each Villa Includes:

  • One Villa
  • 30 cardboard nesting tubes, 6 inches long

Our NEW VILLA is "move-in ready" for Mason Bees. Mount on the sunny side of a house or garden shed and bees will soon settle in. Modest in size, it’s a perfect first mason bee house, great in the classroom and an ideal gift for gardeners.

The Villa comes with 30, one-time-use nesting tubes where bees nest and lay eggs. In the fall, unroll the nesting tubes to harvest and clean the cocoons. The cocoons can over winter in the cottage, then emerge and move into fresh nesting straws in the spring.

Like all Beediverse products, the Starter Cottage is durable, attractive and easy to clean. Manufactured in WA from BC grown western red cedar. It is made to last many summers.

135.30-villa-front-view 135.30-villa-profile

Dimensions of Villa: 20 x 10 x 10 cm or 7.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
Materials: cardboard and wood.
Mason Bee cocoons not included

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Price: from $29.95

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825.02s Insect Hotel

Great gift for kids interested in bugs and bees.

Special!  $4.50 off

Provides living space for tiny summer mason bees, leafcutter bees and other beneficial insects.

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Insect Hotel
for lacewings, ladybirds, small mason bees and other insects

Free Rent!

Specifically designed to provide shelter and a warm dry haven for lacewings and little wild mason bees to hibernate and breed.

Pieces of wood and insulation protects insects from cold wet weather conditions and predation.



Directions: Place Insect Hotel in a sunny location out of direct rain and wind. East or south facing walls work best. Place it where you can watch insects at the Insect Hotel.

The red predator guard and screen will deter predators such as wood-peckers and mice.



Old Price: $24.50

Price: $20.00

You save: $4.50

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