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“I Love Mason Bees” T-shirt – small

If you love mason bees- this is the T- shirt for you! Available in Small only. Available in white.


Old Price: $19.95

Price: $15.00

You save: $4.95

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041 Pollination with Mason Bees “SPECIAL”

A BEST SELLER!   17,000 books sold.  Order your own copy and read all about this fascinating hobby.


With $50 min order of any Beediverse product you will receive a signed copy of “Pollination with Mason Bees”

This  one week promotion is between 16-23rd April.


Additional DescriptionMore Details

Completely revised and updated with over 50 illustrations and 56 new pages!
Clear step-by-step instructions. A solid reference for experienced gardeners and beekeepers. A perfect companion for all BeeDiverse products.

It brings a powerful combination of scientific research and practical experience to the challenges of pollination. This illustrated book is intended for anyone who wants to increase yields and blooms naturally – because a well-pollinated garden is a lush garden.

Features from Pollination with Mason Bees:

  • All about Mason Bees, their life cycle, behaviour & habitat preferences
  • What to consider whether you’re buying or building Mason Beehouses
  • How to make your own Mason Bee House with simple, inexpensivematerials
  • How to place Mason Bee Houses in your garden for optimal light and warmth
  • Best practices to maintain and increase your Mason Bee population
  • Overwintering bees so your population persists from year to year
  • Protecting your bees from predators, parasites and pests
  • Valuable insights and practical tips from Mason Bee keepers

 Author Dr. Margriet Dogterom has more than 20 years experience in apiculture – in both hands-on field work and scholarly research. She created the QuickLock System for Mason Bee houses – specifically designed according to the foraging and nesting behaviours of these bees. Margriet consults for commercial growers.

A great gift for gardeners, beekeepers, and aspiring bee enthusiasts.

New! to this 2nd edition:

*Novel ideas and projects

*Chapter on pests, parasites and predators

*Mason Bee Management Chart

Soft cover, 5×7, 136 pages ISBN: 978-0-9689357-3-6


Price: $16.95

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723.20 Spring Mason Bee cocoons

Sorry we are now out of mason bee cocoons.  If you like- order for next spring.  You will receive your order in November after harvest.

With each order you receive 20 cocoons + a few extra..  Mason bee cocoons  are packaged in two small cardboard boxes for setting out at the same time and or at different locations.

You can set them outside or keep them safe  in our nifty humidity cooler.

OR try our summer leafcutter bees.



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Includes 20 cocoons (two packages of 10).

The Spring Mason Bee Osmia lignaria, is a friendly early spring pollinator. It emerges when tree fruit blossoms and blueberry blossoms are open early and mid spring.


Price: $30.25

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