545.60B Highrise -a 2 Season home-includes bees!

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Includes nests AND two kinds of bees.


Mason bees and leafcutter bees are included with this bee home. These two bee species will pollinate flowers from spring through to the summer months for both fruit trees and vegetables.. This product includes two different nests for these two species. A space adjacent to the nesting tunnels is a great place to set out your box of bee cocoons. Open box in late winter, and let bees emerge when temperatures warm up in the spring. The predator guard, protects the developing young from being eaten by birds and rodents.

This Highrise provides mason bees and leafcutter bees with a home behind a protective predator guard.

Includes: Wooden highrise with cedar roof, Nesting block with 160 tunnels, suitable for up to 160 females, Cocoon Emerging room under roof, Predator guard, Dowel tool and 50 leafcutter bee cocoons. Also included are 60 nesting tubes for early spring mason bees.

Leafcutter bees cut tiny pieces of leaf and flower petals to create a safe place for their new offspring. Leafcutter bees require warm temperatures of at least 20C / 70F to become active and pollinate flowers. Directions:
  • Prior to setting out Highrise, push nesting block tight against back of the wooden Highrise.
  • Place in a sunny spot, safe from wind and rain.
  • Place at eye level so bees can be watched going to and from their flower patch.
In the fall, pull block of nesting tunnels out of Highrise. Push cocoons out of their nesting tunnels with harvesting tool (dowel with red tab) and store in the wooden box away from rodents.

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