108.05 Viewing Box

Look and see what work she has done!

Suitable for All mason bee keepers! Available October 1 2011 This handcrafted Viewing -box has a neatly fitting lid that can be lifted up for easy viewing. Children can watch bee larvae busy seating pollen, develop through the summer and fall, spin their cocoons, and hibernate during the winter. Look inside the viewing box during the spring and summer, by briefly lifting up the lid. Bees will not be disturbed when opening the nest for short periods of time. The Beediverse Viewing Box is durable, attractive, easy to clean and maintain, and made from sustainable resources to last many summers. Set viewing box out on a shelf, where mason bees are likely to find the nest.

  • Includes: Box with hinged lid, Tray for up to 6 females and 36 eggs
Materials: solid wood Mason bee cocoons are not included with this product.
viewing-box-open-cover-and-trays viewing-box-open-trays-cover-and-hole
Open viewing box showing tray with transparent top
Open viewing box, with blanket cover pulled back to show nesting tunnels with transparent top for easy viewing. Hole located at the side of box is the exit and entrance way for the mason bees
viewing-box-open viewing-box-top
Viewing box opened showing blanket-cover that sits over nesting tray
Top of viewing box with a collage of photos of items that can be seen inside the nesting tunnels. It includes a photo of male mason bees and a pollen lump with an egg on top

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