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Summer Mason Bee Homes

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Summer Mason Bee Homes are suited for the small summer mason bee species. There are hundreds of summer mason bee species, often 3 or more are in any garden.

These homes contain one of two types of nesting material.

1) Corrugated cardboard- 100 nesting holes- replaced after use

2) Styrofoam block designed for leafcutter bees

These attractive homes are ready to give your bees a safe, secure, and protected home.

The smallest and least expensive is the Insect Hotel followed by the Lodge, Chalet, Royal and Highrise.

519.1828 Chalet-includes spring mason bees and summer Leafcutter bees

NEW PRODUCT! includes two kinds of bees.!!

These two bee species will pollinate flowers from spring through to the summer months.   Both fruit trees and vegetables will be pollinated by these bees.

Two different nests are available for these two species of bees.

A space adjacent to the nesting tunnels is a great place to set out your box of bee cocoons.  Open box in late winter, and let bees emerge when temperatures warm up in the spring.

The predator guard, protects the developing young from being eaten by birds and rodents.

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This Chalet provides nesting tunnels for both spring mason bees and summer leafcutter bees.

The predator guard protects the young developing bees from predators like birds and rodents. This ensures that there are always mason bees in your garden.

Space adjacent to nesting tunnels provides a space for setting the storage box with bee cocoons. When warm weather arrives, bees will emerge and be ready to use the adjacent nesting tunnels.

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Price: from $70.20

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545.5050 Highrise ***includes Leafcutter bees & Mason Bees

A Highrise is a stately home with mason bee and leafcutter bee nesting tunnels plus some of both bees.    DELUXE includes a predator guard.  Choose either the BASIC or DELUXE model.   One Highrise includes 50 leafcutter bee cocoons and 10 mason bee cocoons.

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STANDARD: This Highrise provides mason bees and leafcutter bees with a home behind a protective predator guard. Includes: Wooden highrise with cedar roof, Nesting block with 160 tunnels, suitable for up to 160 females, Cocoon Emerging room under roof, Royal blue Predator guard, Dowel tool and 50 leafcutter bee cocoons..

DELUXE: This Highrise comes fully assembled and has everything you need to welcome Leafcutter Bees into your garden. Includes: 50 leafcutter bee cocoons, corrugated cardboard wrap for small summer mason bee cocoons, Leaf cutter bee nesting tunnels, Harvesting tool for leafcutter bees, Predator guard -blue, Wooden highrise with cedar roof and a Attic for storing cocoons under roof.

This Highrise provides mason bees and leafcutter bees with a home. Leafcutter bees cut tiny pieces of leaf and flower petals to create a safe place for their new offspring. Leafcutter bees require warm temperatures of at least 20C / 70F to become active and pollinate flowers. Nesting trays are made out of corn material re-useable year after year. This mason bee house is easy to take apart and clean in readiness for the following spring. Housing is topped with a hinged cedar roof. The attic space below the cedar roof provides a sheltered room for emerging mason bee cocoons. Directions:
  • Prior to setting out Highrise, push nesting block tight against back of the wooden Highrise.
  • Place in a sunny spot, safe from wind and rain.
  • Place at eye level so bees can be watched going to and from their flower patch.
In the fall, pull block of nesting tunnels out of Highrise. Push cocoons out of their nesting tunnels with harvesting tool (dowel with red tab) and store in the wooden box away from rodents.

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Price: from $79.50

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736.49 Summer Leafcutter bee cocoons (50)

Leafcutter bees are great pollinators when temperatures are above 20C/70F

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Leafcutter bee cocoons come in packets of 50+ cocoons.

Leafcutter bees pollinate summer flowers including various vegetable crops such as tomatoes, squash and herbs.

Leafcutter bees use tiny pieces of leaves and flower petals to surround their offspring and provide protection against predatory insects. They are solitary bees that use nesting tunnels for producing next year’s offspring.


Price: $27.95

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825.02 Insect Hotel

Great gift for kids interested in bugs and bees.

Provides living space for tiny summer mason bees, leafcutter bees and other beneficial insects.

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Insect Hotel
for lacewings, ladybirds, small mason bees and other insects

Free Rent!

Specifically designed to provide shelter and a warm dry haven for lacewings and little wild mason bees to hibernate and breed.

Pieces of wood and insulation protects insects from cold wet weather conditions and predation.



Directions: Place Insect Hotel in a sunny location out of direct rain and wind. East or south facing walls work best. Place it where you can watch insects at the Insect Hotel.

The red predator guard and screen will deter predators such as wood-peckers and mice.



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Price: $20.00

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