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617.2499 Chalet for summer mason bees

Beediverse » ALL PRODUCTS » Summer Mason Bee Homes » 617.2499 Chalet for summer mason bees

Chalet for Summer mason bees with cardboard nesting material.

Suitable for small gardens and balcony gardens.
Great for new Mason Bee keepers. Ready for easy viewing of bees at work

You can hang the Chalet, or mount it on an East facing wall of a shed or building. Then watch these busy native pollinators at work in your yard or garden.

Like all Beediverse Products, the Chalet is durable, attractive, easy-to clean, and made from sustainable resources to last many summers.

  • Chalet wooden structure, corrugated cardboard with 99+ tunnels, suitable for up to 99+ females, and plastic predator guard.

    The chalet neatly holds the corrugated cardboard roll in place. Just slide out the roll for fall cleaning and harvesting of mason bee cocoons. Unused corrugated cardboard can be re inserted into Chalet. Add more material if needed and your Chalet is ready for spring.

  • OR Chalet wooden structure, wood trays with 24 tunnels, suitable for up to 24 females and 144 eggs, and predator guard.

    Nesting trays are made from environmentally friendly wood. Each tray has 6 grooves. When paired, the trays from tunnels where Mason Bees nest and lay their eggs. In the fall, pop the trays apart, and gently slide out the cocoons with our Bee Scoop.

Outside dimensions: 20x 20.5 x 18.5 cm or 8 x 7.9 x 7.25 inches
Materials: solid wood, plastic, and solid wood or cardboard for nesting material.

Also choose a color for the predator guard, that is attached to the Chalet.

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