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Summer Nesting Material

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Summer Nesting materials consist of nesting tunnels that are smaller than needed by the early spring mason bees. There are hundreds of these smaller native summer mason bee species in North America. Setting out a bee home is similar to setting out a bird house and often in a year or more, 2-3 species of bees are using these nests.

Nesting material consists of two types of nesting material. Each type of nesting material needs a wood home or structure to protect it from the rain and direct sun.

1) Wood with routered nesting tunnels- sturdy and long lasting

2) Corrugated cardboard- 100 nesting holes- replaced after use. In the fall the bundle is un-rolled and cocoons can easily be harvested.

The corrugated cardboard is least expensive. The wooden nestign trays are more expensive but will last for 5-10 years.

612.99 Corrugated wrap for summer mason bees

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Corrugated wrap provides nesting cavities for the smaller summer mason bees.

Nesting cavities are 3-4mm in height and 4mm in width – perfect for the tiny summer mason bees. Corrugated wrap is easy to use and the cost is right. In the spring set roll of corrugated wrap with its nesting holes horizontal, inside a weather proof home. In the fall after summer mason bees have nested the roll of corrugated cardboard can be unrolled and cocoons can be harvested. Replace roll for next season. Dimensions of corrugated wrap 4 x 4 x 6″ (9.7 x 9.7 x 15.3cm) Hole dimension are 3-4 x 4mm


Price: $9.95

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