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Cardboard Wrap for summer mason bees
– many nesting tunnels and the price is right
Summer mason bees are tiny and are often less than 1/4 of the size of our spring mason bees. This cardboard wrap can be recycled, provides 99+ nesting tunnels and the price is right. This is a one time use product. This item sells well inside a Chalet. It is an attractive package and it will take summer bees 2-3 years to use all the nesting tunnels.


q-and-Ezy-full-viewQuick and Ezy Mason Bee home  includes home, nesting tunnels and emerging space




Bees in a box this Box has everything you need to welcome Leafcutter Bees into your garden.



ALFALFA cutter Bees These will be available each year between March and June. In 2012 they are only available in Canada.   These bees are active in temperatures greater than 70 Fahrenheit or 20 Centigrade. It is a great summer bee available for pollinating tomatoes and other garden vegetables.



Humidity Control Chamber-a great method for storing and overwintering your bee cocoons in the fridge from November to early spring just before setting cocoons out with your bee home.  Keeps cocoons cool and humid.



Insect Hotel  Would  you like to provide nests for both summer mason bees and leafcutter bees?  do you have summer flowers that need pollinating?  This cute Hotel provides a variety of nesting holes for a variety of bees. In addition, the upper compartment provides a save haven for other beneficial insects.



Leafcutter Bee Highrise   This Highrise Home contains nesting holes specifically designed for leafcutter bees.  These bees love the summer heat and do best in temperatures of more than 20C.  They are  great for summer pollination of tomatoes and other summer vegetables.


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