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Success with keeping MASON BEES is easy with bee housing and “How to” information from Beediverse.

Discover how Beediverse customers are using Beediverse Quicklock trays for easy and successful management of Mason Bees. They are fast becoming the backbone of mason bee keeping. Thanks to the innovative advancement, Quicklock trays are easy to assemble and dissemble, making house-keeping easier than ever before.


At Beediverse, we offer how-to information in the book “Pollination with Mason Bees“, the DVD video “All About Mason Bees“, the Mason Bee Life-cycle poster, and the online Learn-at-Home Mason Bee Course.


Add instant class and beauty to a garden with our elegant mason bee houses. A great gift! The Royal bee house features a beautiful design to complement a backyard. The Highrise is an instant success for gardeners who have mason bees and wish to try our quick and easy Quicklock system. Beautifully handcrafted, this tall, durable wooden housing is well suited for a backyard garden.


With 20 years of experience in Mason Bee keeping, Beediverse offers top-quality, durable and long-lasting products carefully designed to suit theneeds of your customers.

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