We can all benefit from planting beneficial flowers.

This publication, just came across my desk this morning.  A 16 page booklet from SARE -USA Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education on about cover crops;.  It is a fascinating read.  It describes how you can plant pollinator friendly cover crops along and between fruit trees and other garden plants, that will enrich the soil.  Not only do insects benefit, but it benefits the soil and produces healthier plants.  Read how clover and other plants enrich the soil.  It also talks about when  removing a cover crop it should not be done while bees are feeding on these plants.  Again an awesome read.  Let us know how you are transforming your garden/farm into a more friendly garden for beneficials.  I am going to start with planting clover in my lawn.  I am sure the bees will love this in the summer.

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