Overview of Category tools

Nifty tools and more

Here are some notes to get familiar with our tools.  More information is available with each product.

Scoops are used for harvesting mason bee cocoons.  These scoops are hand to do the job just right.  Beautifully hand crafted and made to last.  Removing cocoons from nesting trays becomes simple for 20 or 100’s of nesting trays.

Feather touch forceps are handy to have to remove individual cocoons or pests to get a closer look.  These are gentle soft forceps meant to not harm or damage the cocoon or other insects.

Candling or storage dish is a very handy tool for short term storage of cocoons or other interesting critters.  It is also the best dish for candling cocoons.

A metal screen sieve is a must have.  The metal screen scours mites from cocoons during the washing process.  No other screen material removes mites so well.

When harvesting is done, where do you store your cocoons?  Our humidity cooler is the perfect container for overwintering cocoons in a regular fridge.  Keeps cocoons moist as well as cool until spring release time.

Or in warmer climates as in the west coast of NA, keep cocoons in a hatching box.  Releasing bees directly from this hatching box, is a safe way to avoid predation.