Chickadees are predators of mason bees

Hi Margriet,

I took the images of the Quicklock trays in the Highrise that have popped open.
As you can see there are a few empty holes now that previously had been full. It must be the chickadee as you suggested.

Do you think it is too risky for me to try to tape it tight again? I dont want to squish them but they are completely exposed now.

Your bee-loving friend, Eve

Hi Eve, I would not try and tape the nesting trays at this stage.  When they are done flying turn the trays so they are facing inwards- then the chickadees can’t get at the larvae.

Quicklock Trays in a HIghrise showing tape has loosened
around nesting trays.


That’s why you have a Phd  and I don’t. 🙂

4 replies on “Chickadees are predators of mason bees

  • Steve

    Are blue birds a predator to Mason Bees? Or better yet what are all the predators to Mason Bees. I’m in Warrenton,Mo I have a lot of blue birds and the Mason Bees are a new adventure for me. I want to be sure that I am taking all ness essay precautions to have a thriving hive.

    • Margriet

      Yes, any bird can be a predator of mason bees. The best way to protect mason bees is with a predator guard- so birds have a more difficult time in getting close to the nesting tunnel,and facing the nest Eastward. The warmth of the rising sun enters the nesting tunnels, and bees get revved up for a speedy exit. Swallows though I am sure can catch any flying insect, at any speed.

  • Kat

    We have found a bug in the larvae stage eating the larva mason bees. A hole is in the paper tube as well. Any,idea what can bee done to stop this??


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