Harvest time for mason bee cocoons. An analyses of harvest and mites

Tim started harvesting his mason bee cocoons from his wooden trays last week using our fabulous SCOOP. He emailed me this photo showing a very good harvest. 60 cocoons in just one layer.


See what your harvest looks like per female cocoon.  And see what your mite infestation is to tell you how well you removed mites from cocoons before setting them out in the spring.

In spring before setting cocoons out, count the number of total cocoons. This will help in calculating if your harvest is a good one.
Total at site in spring = 600 or 300 females ( about half of total)
Tot cocoons harvested = 1540
Lets look at the numbers:
Each female produced 1540/300 or 5 offspring. Nothing wrong with this production.

Before removing all the cocoons, count the total number of cells with or without cocoons


8 and 0 (First tunnel at the top)

9 and 0

9 and 1

9 and 2

9 and 0

7 and 0

10 and 0

2 and 0


63 and 3
Number of cells with mites/ total cells x 100 = Percent of mite infested cells

or 3/63 = 4.76%

If the percentage of mite infested cells is less than about 5%. You have done a good job of cleaning mites of cocoons and nests.

In this case mite infested cells is 4.76%
Good job Tim!

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