Bee ‘Catcher’- a cool tool!

Under certain circumstances, it is handy to have a container into which you can place escapee mason bees.

These escapees are mason bees that have emerged inside the house and are buzzing around in the basement or in kitchen.  Not that they are going to do any harm, but it is nice to be able to set them outside so they can go about their business.    This handy little gadget can easily be made by anyone.  It requires a pop bottle and a pair of scissors.

Find a pop bottle.
Cut pop bottle into half with a utility knife of a pair of scissors.
Invert the top into the bottom.  Make sure that the ‘top’ of the bottle
is about 1″ above the base of the bottle.
Mason Bee catcher ready for use.
Add any escapees into the Catcher, and release them outside.
If the bee is very active, slow it down by setting it into a fridge for
about 30 mins and then release.
A happy bee that has just been released.

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