Mason Bees nest under a table cloth

Close up of pollen lumps with their bee larvae.
You can see the mud chambers at the top of the picture, still attched to the shelf -cover,
including another pollen lump with another larvae.


Shelves with a cover where mason bees
had made their nests.


Hey Margriet:

I thought you would get a kick out of these pictures, Mom noticed a lump of something under the cover on the shelves on the back porch. When she lifted the cover up low and behold they had layed eggs under the cover that had a bulge in it. Too bad they were destroyed but at least there are good pictures of an egg developing on a ball of pollen. Feel free to use these pics if you want to. As far as my stock for this season I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have enough to sell this coming year.

Cheers Dave

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