723.04 Mason Bee cocoons-DISCOUNT SPECIAL

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Order now and receive this special discount until 15th of January.  We have harvested , washed and cleaned our mason bee cocoons and are ready for shipping.  Order now so we can ship them before mid January.  Shipping at this time takes the worry out of the shipping process since they are hibernating at this time.

Watch this great video of mason bees pollinating kale flowers.  Their antics are fun to watch.

  • Male mason bee feeding on nectar inside a dandelion flower.

Cocoons are harvested in November, cleaned, candled, packaged and stored at 2-4C until shipping.  Shipping begins in November and continues until late spring or until quantities last.  In spring, packages of cocoons are shipped on ice to ensure bee hibernation continues until package arrives at its destination.

One box of cocoons contains 10 cocoons ( 4 females:6 males) plus a few extra. Boxes can be set out adjacent to nesting tunnels in readiness for blossom time.

The Spring Mason Bee is a friendly early spring pollinator that emerges when tree fruit blossoms and blueberry blossoms bloom.
Either set them out on receipt of your cocoons,  or store them until early spring in a humidity cooler- inside your fridge (item number 850.01) until blossoms are in bloom.  Cocoons can also be stored under cover in a cold location such as in a shed.  But make sure it is rodent proof and cocoons are set out into a bee home by February.


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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 5 in


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