735.25SP Leafcutter bee cocoons – order now-while quantities last

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Season extended for Canadian orders only or while quantities last. USA ORDERS – OUT OF STOCK

Leafcutter bees still available, order now while quantities last.

Summer leafcutter bees pollinate summer flowers .  Order now so that garden vegetables will be pollinated.

Special discount when ordering larger number of cocoons.

One box of cocoons contains 25 cocoons. Set cocoons out adjacent to nesting tunnels on arrival.

Summer Leafcutter bees are great pollinators when temperatures are above 20C/70F.

They pollinate summer flowers including various vegetable crops such as tomatoes, squash and herbs.

Leafcutter bees use tiny pieces of leaves and flower petals to surround their offspring and provide protection against predatory insects. They are solitary bees that use nesting tunnels for producing next year’s offspring.

In the the fall cocoons can simply be pushed out of nesting tunnels and nesting blok can be reused the following year.  Store fall cocoons in a dry place and safe from predators such as mice.



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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 5 in


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