931.03 Fall Harvesting Scoop-Only 6 Left

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Buy this unique product while you can.  A great gift for your favourate person.

These pictures will give you a close up view on how to get started with removing cocoons from nesting trays using a scoop.

This is a dandy tool.  Beautifully handcrafted from local west coast wood.  Well made and designed to last year after year.  The handle fits your hand like a glove.  The gently curved tip of the scoop, is designed to softly lifts cocoons out of nesting trays minimizing cocoon damage. Order one for your fall harvest of mason bee cocoons. A unique gift.

Please let us know if you have a large or small hand!

This is it for this product!  Randy our artisan manufacturer completed his last run and there are less than 40 left.


  • Place opened nesting trays on a flat surface or in your hand
  • Place end of scoop in one of the grooves, at base of cocoon
  • With scoop at a shallow angle, gently push and ease cocoons out of nesting grooves.
  • Place cocoons in cold tap water for 1 hour
  • Rinse in cold water using a metal sieve to remove mud and mites.
  • Last rinse with a cap of bleach in a bucket of water.  Let cocoons sit for 5 mins.
  • Dry on a paper towel for 1 hour
  • Store in fridge at 4C in a Humidity Cooler until spring

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 12.00 × 2.00 × 2.00 cm


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