945.01 5/16″ Router bit- core box for the handiman! Make your own nesting trays.

US$ 34.32

  • CAD: CA$ 45.29

A piece of wood 4″ in width, and routered 4 to 6 times is a good base for a stack of nesting trays.  Optimal length of each tray is 6″.  Make it any height, tape together with electricians tape. Tape back of stack with duct tape to close holes off at the back end.

Any wood will be attractive to mason bees except cedar.  Avoid cedar.  It takes a good season or two to release all its volatiles and be attractive to mason bees.  Any other wood works great.  Caution, bees are repelled by nesting tunnels with slivers or wood fluff.  Make sure wood is smooth and without slivers.

Recommendations;  Lower router so that the depth of the hole is just under 5/16″ rather than 5/16″.  If the router cuts 5/16″ the area of the tunnel will be larger than 5/16″ because of the vertical sides.

Diameter of shank 1/4″

Notes on Photos.  If short pieces of wood are routered, then it is a great idea NOT to router the grooves to the end of the wood.  Leave this intact and you don’t need to tape the end of tunnels.

You will need a router machine to do the job.



Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm
router bit core box



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