Key to identifying Apples

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Saltspring island apple festival.

The Seattle Tree Fruit Society have a great Key to identifying apple varieties.  This key was recently moved to a separate website.

This link will take you directly to the place where you can key out your apple variety.
Apple Identification key

If you want to cruise through the world of apples, go to this website and click onto PHOTOS or APPLE LIST
Here you see apples in their wonderful colour.  They look good enough to eat!

This wonderful Key takes the mystery out of apple varieties.
Whenever I go to and apple festival, I remember the colourful show, but traits of individual varieties are lost to me.  With this key, that old apple tree in the backyard can be identified.

4 replies on “Key to identifying Apples

  • Anne Smiley (Mantel) Percival

    Hi — I tried to identify an apple we found at the (city owned) Nelson Nature Park on 18th St. in Edgewood. We have a community garden there and are planning to plant more fruit trees (I run the garden and suggested fruit trees Other than apples!) We have a great little apple tree which is now (8/14) loaded with lots of ripe small (2″ high + -) oval apples. They are yellow with a lovely strawberry blush and are quite sweet, non-maggoty/no scab. Maybe they’re crab apples? I can’t seem to identify them though I used your key. (I’m a Pierce County Master Gardener and will bring some in to see if anyone can figure out what they are) This is just a great apple variety and one I would certainly recommend — but what is it?

  • tina

    Hi. I’m Tina. We bought a house on acreage and have 6 apple trees, but the owner never told us what kind of trees we have and when to harvest. Being a former country girl to city girl and back in the county, I’ve tried to search and take pics and send to people I know, but nothing yet. I think the 4 columnar are two kinds each and the two dwarf are two different kinds but have the same leaves. So, I’m stuck. Anyone car to help?


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