How to start with our summer garden bee-“Leafcutter bees”

Start now. 

all you need is a bee home and some leafcutter bees!  Place your order before June 15th. Use coupon code  ROYALALB15

Summer is almost here.  Don’t forget your strawberry flowers.  They need pollination too.

Summer means your garden will be producing  fruit and vegetable flowers that need pollination and the production of fruit and vegetables is close at hand.  At Beediverse, we believe that summer gardens can produce more and larger fruit and vegetables with leafcutter bees.  Leafcutter Bees will be in charge of your summer pollination.  They pollinate when temperatures above 20C.

For leafcutter bees to thrive, pollinate and produce offspring, provide a bee home that comes pre-loaded with a bee nesting BLOK.  BLOKS are specifically designed and constructed for leafcutter bees and can be re-used year after year.

Order now so that garden vegetables will be pollinated.   One box of cocoons contains 25 cocoons. Set cocoons out adjacent to nesting tunnels on arrival.  Our Royal is our most popular bee home.


Use COUPON CODE  ROYALALB15 to receive 15% off this beautiful long lasting red cedar home.  Offer ends on June 15th.


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