Treeless Orchardists

In the 2017 spring issue of Pome news- Home Orchard Society, Karen Tillou writes a delightful article about the treeless orchardist.  This is a person who does not have land to grow trees.  Either living in a condo or apartment.  But the love of having trees to nurture and harvesting fruit never goes away.

She equates it to her childhood experience where she had everything to ride a horse, except the horse.  She ended up leasing, borrowing and having some wonderful rides.

” So what is a landless gardener to do?  Or better yet, a landless fruit grower”.    She hears from people who own land with fruit trees, ‘how do I prune’?, ‘what am I going to do with al this fruit?’  The treeless ask how they can access fruit trees that are neglected.

She writes that a simple introduction  to landowners with neglected trees can be  the beginning of a great partnership.  Not all responses are good, but she says on the most part landowners are grateful to have this working relationship with the treeless orchardist.

Some folks go the route of guerilla grafters.   “Have you seen the street tree hawthorns that have a freak branch bearing Bartlett cherries?”

The treeless orchardists can also contact Parks, farmers and or community gardens.

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