Yes! It is time again for MASON BEE workshops and seminars.


  • Art Knapps – Courtenay,BC      On Nov 26th we had a great workshop.  35 people attended and many brought their mason bee homes.  We examined nests, cleaned the cocoons and bee homes and learned about how easily it is to begin with mason bees.  to get started with these hard working bees, all you need is a bee home and some mason bee cocoons. 

 Dr Margriet Dogterom, owner of Beediverse showed participants how to harvest and safely store mason bee cocoons. 

Dr Margriet

Petre dishql72

Pictures of a candling dish to hold cocoons after washing.  Quicklock nesting trays are easy to open, clean and get ready for next spring.

Let us know about local seminars so we can let others know about these events.  Ask your local stores to have a mason bee workshop.  Try:

      • Garden Stores
      • Wild Bird Stores
      • Back Yard Wild Bird Stores