Yes! It is time again for MASON BEE workshops and seminars.


Oct 28th 10am

Free mason bee workshop at Garden Works at Mandeville

This workshop is for people new and experienced with mason bees.

**Bring your bee home for harvesting and cleaning** Dr. Margriet Dogterom, owner of Beediverse will be doing the workshop.  To new mason bee keepers she will explain what you need to start and where to set up your bee home.   Dr Margriet will also show you the process of harvesting and cleaning mason bee cocoons.  She will get you ready for spring.

Register by phoning Mandeville  604 434 4111  Tell a friend.


We saw all kinds of cool things at last weekend’s workshop at Amsterdam nursery.  The slider shows you some of our findings.  At our next workshop find out what is inside you mason bee home.

Let us know about local seminars so we can let others know about these events.  Ask your local stores to have a mason bee workshop.  Try:

  • Garden Stores
  • Wild Bird Stores
  • Back Yard Wild Bird Stores

Picture of a candling dish to hold cocoons after washing