mason-leafcutter-beesThey may start out in little cocoons but before you know it you'll have an army of pollinating warriors for your garden! Choose your bee species according to your needs! If you want spring bees, Mason bees are for you and if you want summer bees. Learn more


mason-leafcutter-beesChoose your bee species according to your needs!  If you want summer bees, then we suggest the Leafcutter bee. Learn more

Backyard Gardeners   

The benefits of having MASON BEES is more fruit and larger fruit. The ability to fly in cooler temperatures allow mason bees to pollinate early spring blossoms such as apple, peach and pear. Mason bees  fly close to home (within 500 ft/ half a km) and pollinate all flowers present in the vicinity.  A bee home and mason bee cocoons will get you started with these friendly beneficial bees.


Farmers large and small

Add mason bees to your farm to get the job done.  Benefits are clear:  larger volume of fruit produced and better quality fruit.  Mason bees do this by being able to fly in cooler temperatures and flying close to their homes since they don't venture far.  No continuous management.  Easy Management practices  consists of setting out bees and their homes in the spring and harvesting cocoons in the fall.



Keep your bees safe and sound with our uniquely designed tools and accessories selection. Perfect as gifts for the gardener who keeps mason bees and or leafcutter bees. Learn more


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A castle fit for a king? Or queen? How about a couple dozen kings and queens?! Our specially crafted Bee Homes are designed with a science background and fortified with all the elements required for a successful solitary bee keeping experience. Learn more


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"I developed a successful method of harvesting mason bee cocoons and designed a line of products so gardeners could keep mason bees with success. For all gardeners who start this fascinating hobby I wrote the popular How-to book "Pollination with Mason bees" Sold to date: 23,000 "