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Welcome to Beediverse – the Mason Bee People


home of Dr. Margriet Dogterom,”The Mason Bee Expert”

A gift of Mason Bees, is a gift that keeps on giving.


What are Mason Bees?

Mason bees (Osmia lignaria)  are a friendly and efficient pollinator.  Apple, cherry and almond trees – as well as blueberries – will benefit greatly from foraging Mason Bees.

  • Mason Bees are an essential part of growing your own local organic produce.
  • Beediverse homes are a great way to encourage pollinators into your garden.
  • More bees result in better pollination, larger fruit and a greater fruit yield.

                             What to do and How to start

1.  SPRING :  PLACE THEMIn spring start with a Mason Bee home and Mason Bee cocoons

  • Place your Mason Bee home and Mason Bee cocoons on an east facing wall close to you garden or fruit trees.

2.  SUMMER: PROTECT THEM Summer time is for protecting bees from the weather and from predators with a net bag.

  • Shelter your Mason Bees from direct rain and scorching sun. Protect them from predators using a net bag or predator guard.

3.  FALL: CLEAN THEM.  Fall is time to get a scoop and storage boxes for harvested cocoons. It is also time to clean nests and assess if you need more nesting tunnels and additional mason bee homes for next spring.

  • Harvest from nesting tunnels.  Remove mud an mites with a wash in cold water.  Use an abrasive tool like a metal sieve to further remove mites

4.  WINTER:  STORE THEM.  Winter is a good time to catching up on your reading. The illustrated book “Pollination with Mason bees” will give you science based background information and great details on how to succeed your new hobby.

  • Place your clean, dry Mason Bee cocoons in a temperature and humidity controlled area such as a cool shed or fridge.  Optimum storage temperature is between 2-4 degrees C (32-36F).



How can I learn more? At Beediverse, we offer HOW-TO information-THE BOOK Pollination with Mason Bees, the DVD video All About Mason Bees and the POSTER Mason Bee Life-cycle. Detailed instructions are included with all products.


THE BOOK Pollination with Mason Bees.

Clear step-by-step instructions. A solid reference for gardeners and mason beekeepers.


A HOW-TO DVD using the right tools and techniques
Makes keeping Mason Bees easy!



A quick glance informs you – What to do and When to do it!


Mason bee homes-Add class and beauty to a garden with our elegant mason bee homes. Makes a great gift that keeps on giving!

The Starter Cottage is our smallest home with cardboard tubes.


The next largest size is the Chalet (green predator guard) and Lodge (without the predator guard).



The Royal bee home features a beautiful design to complement a backyard.

The Highrise is an instant success for gardeners who have mason bees and wish to try our quick and easy Quicklock system. Beautifully handcrafted, this tall, durable wooden housing is well suited for a backyard garden.


 What type of systems are available at Beediverse to manage mason bees?

Beediverse Mason bee nests are stackable that consists of corn derived material. Our nests are designed to be taken apart in the fall for cleaning and removing debris and pests. We also carry Ezy-Harvest cardboard tubes that can be opened and are a one time use system. With over 35 years of experience with bees Beediverse offers top-quality products carefully designed to suit the needs of our bees and customers.

Go GREEN! Beediverse Quicklock trays are reuseable, attractive to bees and easy to harvest and clean season after season.

Shipping takes 1-2 weeks depending on location and whether bees are included in your order.  We ship mason bees once a week.



 For more information, check out our blog and YouTube videos.