Wasp-proof your baby bees with a wasp-proof net.

AFTER spring and when bees are no longer flying and they have completed their nesting and provisioning of their young-PROTECT THE NEW OFFSPRING! Order yours from Beediverse today.

Place nests and housing into these large sturdy bags and your parasitic wasps will not be able to continue killing your new bee offspring.

2013-10-06 Mason Bee Workshop margriet2(6)

Margriet showing how easy it is to protect your new bees for next spring by placing your bee home into a wasp-proof net bag.

Wasp cocoon

Cocoons showing at least 4 developing parasitic wasps. You can see this in the fall when candling cocoons ovr a 6V flashlight.- and in a dark room.


Wondering why bees don’t emerge from their cocoons. In the left and center cocoons the developing bee pupae have died and have turned moldy. The right hand cocoon contains 5 developing parasitic wasps pupae. Through the summer, these wasps can cycle though to the adult stage and produce offspring every 3 weeks! PROTECT YOUR BEE OFFSPRING through the summer months with wasp proof netting.


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